Q) Why should we choose South Metro Inspections?

A) It is not uncommon for builders and site managers to be running up to 20 jobs at any one time, and as a consequence, quality assurance checks can be missed. South Metro Inspections will systematically inspect every item of the home and deliver a complete photographic report highlighting every defect. We are building inspection specialists. We have inspected thousands of homes and we use our 25 years experience in the building industry to provide you with the most in-depth and accurate reports available. We avoid using building jargon so anybody can understand our reports.

Q) What is inspected?

A) Our inspections cover every aspect of the homes construction. We check the structural integrity of the slab and frame, using our up to date knowledge of all relevant building codes, standards and tolerances. We check room dimensions, ceiling heights, door and window positions, roofing, brickwork, electrical and plumbing positions, cabinetry, tiling, basically every item in the home. We use ladders to inspect fascia, gutters and downpipes. We inspect the roof space where possible and if the home has a sub-floor, we will crawl through it.

Q) Will you talk to the builder?

A) Yes. We are happy to liaise with site managers and builders. Once we have the builders details we call them to arrange access to the site. We will call the builder direct from site if we find a major defect. We find that the smarter builders will use our reports to help lift their quality and to avoid costly rectification of defect items. We also find that once the builder knows we plan to inspect their work, the quality lifts.

Q) How long does an inspection take?

A) Most inspections take between 1 and 2 hours. We have completed thousands of inspections, so we know what to look for and where to look for it.

Q) How long does it take to get the report?

A) We can generally get the report to you within 1 working Day. We do not like to hold up the building process so we make every endeavour to get the report to you and the builder as soon as possible.

Q) What defect items do you commonly find?

A) We commonly find faulty roof flashings, uneven concrete slabs, Missing insulation, Poor brickwork, cracked roof tiles, incorrect room dimensions, incorrect positioning of plumbing and electrical items, crushed heating ducts, poor paint finishes, poor site drainage, inadequate access to heating and cooling units and incorrect positioning of doors and windows.

Q) Why do we need a frame inspection and a pre-plaster inspection?

A) It is critical to inspect a frame and slab prior to installation of roof tiles and brickwork. One of our most commonly found defect items is the wall frames overhanging the concrete slab. If left undetected, the frame can move under the weight of roof tiles causing plaster and cornices to crack. This defect is impossible to detect once brickwork is in place. This is only one of a number of items that need to be inspected at the early frame stage. All electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling and thermal items including insulation need to be in place prior to completing our pre-plaster inspection.

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