‘Your last chance’

We offer a Final Building Inspection also known as 'Walk Through or Handover Inspection' around Melborne South East and The Mornington Peninsula, this is your last chance to get the perfect home you have paid for. Once you have signed off on the defect list and keys are handed over, the builder is then under no obligation to rectify other defects that may be found at a later date. We inspect every part of the home during the final building inspection and we rarely find less than twenty defects. Once the defects are highlighted in our report, we then work with the builder to ensure all defects are rectified leaving you with peace of mind.

Commonly found defects include:

  • Cracked roof tiles
  • Missing or faulty roof flashings
  • Crushed heating and cooling ducts
  • Missing ceiling insulation
  • Paint and plaster defects
  • Blocked plumbing wastes
  • Chipped or scratched cabinetry
  • Unsupported bath and shower bases
  • Poor tile and grout installation

As part of the Final Building Inspection we will also inspect the adequacy of site drainage and surface water removal. Our inspections generally take up to 2 hours and around 1 working day to report back to you, so you can then pass it onto your builder to rectify.

Item 1

Brickwork weep holes

This house has a bushfire rating of BAL 29. The high performance weep holes used on the brickwork still have covers on them. These need to be removed to allow weep holes to work as designed.

Item 2

Meter box


The meter box has mortar and other rubbish inside. The meter box is generally in a poor condition. Acid must not be used to clean mortar from inside the meter box.

Item 3

Caulking in shower

The silicone caulking below the shower screen in the bathroom has been damaged. This will need to be rectified to avoid water getting behind tiles.

Item 4

Bi-fold doors

The bi-fold doors have a 6mm gap at the bottom, left side door. The left side door is bowed and will need to be replaced to allow the doors to seal properly.