Building INSPECTIONS Melbourne and pre purcahse building inspections the mornington peninsula

If you are buying an established home, we offer pre purchase building inspections so you can feel reassured that you are buying a quality home. All inspections include a detailed report outlining any major issues and any potential renovations costs. We offer our pre purchase building inspections across the greater Melbourne areas and The Mornington Peninsula at the best price, and with only a 1 working day turn around. Please call us for an appointment or if you have any questions about the process.

Summary of home.

An example of issues found with a pre purchase building inspection.

This home was constructed in 2006 and is in above average condition when compared to homes of a similar age. The roof space is clean and free of signs of vermin.  The perimeter termite protection has been serviced on a regular basis.  All wet areas are clean and free of mould.  All brickwork weep holes are clear and allowing moisture to escape as designed.  The following items are considered to be minor, although action will need to be taken to avoid further complications.

Item 1

Leaking shower screen.

The ensuite shower screen has a leak on the right side. Water has damaged the skirting. This item can be rectified by running a bead of silicone between shower screen and tiles.  The skirting will need to be replaced and repainted.

Item 2.

Bi-fold doors.

The bi-fold doors need to be re stained to protect from weather. If left unstained, the doors will cup and bow and will need to be replaced.

Item 3


There is a hole in the brickwork mortar above the meter box. There is evidence of wasp infestation. Pest control measures will need to be taken and mortar hole filled.

Item 4.

Pool tiles

Several pool tiles have cracked and missing grout lines. These tiles will need to be re grouted to avoid water damaging the sub-straight.

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