House frame inspection

If a thorough frame/post slab inspection is not carried out prior to the installation of roof tiles and brickwork then defects can be hidden that can come back to haunt the home owner in years to come. Builders typically tell their customers that they have their own independent inspection process in place, but what they don’t tell their customers is that they appoint and pay for these independent inspections and that these inspections typically only take around 10 minutes, - in the process possibly missing any potential defects that can occur in this early stage. Our inspections generally take up to 2 hours and around 1 working day to report back to you, so you can then pass it onto your builder to rectify.

South Metro Inspections will thoroughly check:

  • We inspect the finished concrete slab, footings and edge rebates.
  • Room dimensions
  • Floor and ceiling heights
  • Correct alignment and fixing of wall frames to concrete slab
  • Door and window positions
  • Correct installation of roof trusses and floor joists
  • All structural load points, correct installation and sizing of structural beams and wall bracing.

See photos below for examples.

Item 1

Garage opening

There is a 20mm gap at the bottom of the load bearing stud on the right side of the garage opening. Also, this stud will need termite protection consistent with Australian Standards. This item will need to be rectified before installation of roof tiles.

Item 2

Kitchen island bench

The slab has been cut away in an attempt to rectify incorrect positioning of island Bench. As this is a waffle pad design concrete slab, an engineers report will be needed to determine the best form of rectification.

Item 3

Front entry

The beam at the front entry has been over cut on left side. This beam will need to be replaced before installation of roof tiles.

Item 4

Roof trusses

Seven truss hold down brackets have been nailed down incorrectly.  The truss manufacturers recommendation shows clouts should be nailed in the top third of the vertical slot to allow movement after roof tile installation.