Building Inspections

Contract/Plan Review

A complete review of all plans, permits and documentation

Frame/Post Slab Inspection

A thorough inspection of the concrete slab and frame with an emphasis on structural integrity.

Pre Plaster Inspection

A critical inspection that is carried out before walls and ceilings are plastered. This inspection will determine any defects caused by plumbers, electricians, security, heating and cooling contractors etc. Wet areas are checked for plumb and straightness including bath and shower recesses and floors. Metal and tiled rooflines will be inspected. All cladding will be inspected for defects. All external windows and doors will be inspected for correct installation and flashings.

Handover/Settlement Inspection

A thorough inspection of the entire home including; Paint and plaster finishes; Kitchen cupboards, vanities and bench tops; All plumbing and electrical fixtures; Roof cavities; Tiled areas; Decks, pergolas and balconies; All brickwork and claddings; All doors and windows.

Re Inspect Defect Items

Re inspection of defect items can be arranged to ensure builders rectification works meet an acceptable standard.

A detailed written report is provided with all inspections containing photos and descriptions of all defects found.